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At e-Practical Solutions, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in healthcare technology. As a leading provider specializing in the Installation and Maintenance of Wall Mounted and Mobile computer workstations across healthcare facilities in the United States, we are dedicated to creating ergonomic, stress-free environments for healthcare professionals.

Joining our team means becoming a part of a dynamic group of individuals committed to excellence in service and technology integration. At ePS, we offer exciting career opportunities that allow you to contribute to the seamless operation of mobile workstations, supporting the vital work of clinicians across the nation.

Why Choose e-Practical Solutions?

  • Connectivity Expertise: Ensure seamless connectivity, security, and charged batteries, preparing carts for clinical use.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Support: Become a vital on-site technician, handling builds, repairs, and warranty services for clients.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Conduct regular cart walk-throughs, resolving issues promptly and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Computer Expertise Leverage: Utilize your computer and networking skills to enhance efficiency in fleet deployment, management, and technical problem-solving.

At e-Practical Solutions, we believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment where your skills and expertise can flourish. Join us in making a difference in healthcare technology and be a part of a team dedicated to providing top-notch services to healthcare facilities nationwide.

Explore our current career opportunities below and take the next step in advancing your career with e-Practical Solutions!

Wall Mount, Wall Station Installer Responsibilities:
  • Efficiently install and mount computer workstations on walls in healthcare facilities.
  • Ensure precise placement and alignment of wall-mounted stations for optimal ergonomic use.
  • Collaborate with project managers to execute installations seamlessly and within project timelines.
  • Conduct post-installation testing to guarantee connectivity, security, and overall functionality.
  • Provide on-site training to end-users on the proper use and maintenance of wall-mounted workstations.
  • Proven experience in installing wall-mounted computer workstations.
  • Familiarity with major manufacturers’ products and installation guidelines.
  • Strong attention to detail and precision in positioning and alignment.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with project teams.
  • Knowledge of healthcare facility environments and safety standards.
Mobile Cart Integration and Repair Specialist Responsibilities:
  • Assemble and integrate technology components onto mobile computer workstations.
  • Test and ensure the proper functioning of integrated systems, including battery efficiency.
  • Diagnose and efficiently repair mobile cart issues, providing break/fix services.
  • Implement preventive maintenance measures to extend the lifespan of mobile workstations.
  • Act as a liaison between clients and manufacturers for warranty and non-warranty repair services.
  • Proven experience in technology integration and mobile cart repair.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills and ability to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently.
  • Familiarity with major manufacturers’ products and warranty processes.
  • Knowledge of preventive maintenance procedures for mobile workstations.
  • HIPAA compliance awareness and commitment to client satisfaction.
Desktop Services, Deployment Services Technician, and/or Imaging Specialist Responsibilities:
  • Provide desktop services, including hardware and software deployment in healthcare environments.
  • Specialize in imaging and configuring computer systems to meet client specifications.
  • Collaborate with project teams to plan and execute efficient deployment strategies.
  • Conduct system testing and quality assurance checks post-deployment.
  • Ensure compliance with security and regulatory standards during system configurations.
  • Proven experience in desktop services, deployment, and imaging.
  • Proficiency in configuring and imaging computer systems.
  • Strong knowledge of operating systems, software, and hardware components.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills for effective collaboration.
  • Awareness of healthcare industry security and compliance standards.


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