e-Practical Solutions Stress FreeIT

Evolve your business technology with e-Practical Solutions' suite of Stress Free IT!

 e-Practical Solutions provides the answer to Information Technology Stress. We understand that you want to concentrate on your business and not managing your computers.  Unlike other programs and services that take care of some of the issues, the e-Practical Solution removes the stress by taking responsibility for your entire technology environment.

Our goal is to relieve you the stress of managing your technology.

Take a look at the ways e-Practical Solutions spells "Relief"

Relief  from "out-of-date technology" stress
Keeping current with technology is a major challenge for any business.  Within a short period of time you are faced with issues of how to keep your technology current, from improvements in computers, new software, etc.  e-Practical Solutions relieves this stress by owning all of the hardware and software and providing a regular refresh of your technology. This allows you to stay current and maximize your staff's productivity.

Relief  from "un-predictable budget events" stress
e-Practical Solutions provides all of your hardware, software and services for a fixed monthly fee. 
This allows you to budget and predict your technology cost.

Relief  from "what's wrong with this thing" stress
e-Practical Solutions Stress Free IT comes with a professional service desk with proactive monitoring and remote control assistance. Our monitoring can warn us of a variety of issues, including failing components like hard drives allowing us to repair them before they become an issue for you.  When your computer is just acting up, our trained service technicians can remotely troubleshoot your computer and resolve the issue without a service call.

Relief from "I thought my virus software was updated" stress - Our software makes sure that your computers have all of the patches and updates they need to keep your computer safe from the numerous viruses and other cyber attacks.

Relief from "I need more equipment" stress - With e-practical it is easy; just call and we will deliver the equipment and you will know exactly how much your monthly payment will increase. We will make sure that the equipment is ready for your team member to be productive.

Relief from "where is that e-mail" stress - With e-Practical Solutions Stress Free IT you receive hosted exchange e-mail, complete with outlook and e-mail archiving. This allows your team to have the latest in e-mail, collaborative tools and off site archived e-mail giving you access to all of your companies e-mail when you need it.

Relief from "not having a backup" stress - Part of e-Practical Solutions Stress Free IT is a system that backs up your data to a secure off site location. This makes sure in the case of a disaster that you have your data and get your business up and running quickly. The backup system is also monitored to make sure that the data is backed up and is useable.