0e-Practical Solutions Staffing Resources

Is your IT services budget out of control? Does your organization spend too much time and energy looking for IT people,? Most companies just want to get the work done and control costs without having to worry about
fluctuating IT needs and resources.

The e-Practical solution? Leave IT talent management to us. If any of the following attributes describe your company, e-Practical has the solution:

  • A high volume of contracted technical services through multiple suppliers.
  • Multiple locations that use contracted technical services.
  • A single location using industry-standard technical skills provided by multiple suppliers.
  • A need for a special or non-standard approach to technical services fulfillment.

e-Practical gives you quick access to skilled local resources from a single source with consistent, cost-effective professional service.

Rate Savings:
  • Rates are "all-inclusive" so you know what your costs are and can budget accordingly without worrying
    about meal, travel and lodging expenses.
  • One set of prices, terms, and conditions that apply across the program.
Faster Response - Less Hassle:
  • Since we are local and use local resources we can respond faster to your resource needs
  • Our dedicated account management team is focused on meeting your specific needs. A single point of
    contact that eliminates the need to deal with multiple contractors.