e-Practical Solutions Health Care Services

e-Practical Solutions offers a wide variety of products and services designed to help manage mobile
workstations. From procurement and assembly to monitoring and disposal, ePS provides a solution to
every cart situation.

Collectively, these services are known as ePS Total HealthCare, a complete package designed to build,
manage and maintain wireless workstations.

Included with the ePS Total HealthCare package, our customers receive:

9Power Monitoring Software
The core of the ePS Total Cart Care solution is the Power Monitoring Software. Available as a standalone program or part of a monitoring solution when paired with the ePS Monitoring service, Power Monitoring Software improves uptime and overall cart usage. It monitors a cart's power consumption and displays warnings to users when the power level reaches a customizable, pre-defined threshold. The software also sends low-power alerts via e-mail and when combined with the ePS Monitoring Service, automatically

9Device Monitoring with ePS Monitoring Service
The ePS Monitoring Service tracks workstation usage and conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The workstation client runs silently in the background on mobile and desktop devices, sending critical monitoring information and usage statistics to the ePS Monitoring Service using very little bandwidth overhead. Through a customizable solution, the monitoring service tracks workstation events and conditions and creates an alert or help desk ticket automatically when problems arise. The ePS Monitoring Service also creates a monthly report containing important information on network and workstation usage and potential problems.

9Preventive Maintenance
ePS offers 1 and 2 year preventive maintenance protection agreements on mobile workstations designed to keep carts in optimal condition. The semi-annual maintenance covers critical items such as power system and battery inspections, workstation OS updates, manufacturer-recommended maintenance and other checks designed to extend the life of the cart. Each round of preventive maintenance checks includes a status report.

9Cost and Device Break/Fix & Assembly
ePS' extensive experience with supporting cart environments allows us to offer knowledgeable and efficient break/fix cart services. Trained ePS technicians can quickly diagnose issues relating to cart repair and workstation problems, including network connectivity.

9Warranty and Parts Management
As an authorized repair center for several major manufacturers, e-Practical Solutions offers complete warranty and non-warranty repair services. Our experience managing various manufacturers' carts help us quickly identify the problem and find the appropriate part needed for resolution. ePS also serves as warranty liaison between the cart manufacturer and the client, saving the client time and lifting the burden of handling warranty requests on their own.

9Local, On-Site Technicians
ePS offers experienced HIPAA-compliant cart technicians, placed on-site for the client's convenience. On-site technicians can handle a complete list of cart needs, including builds, repairs and warranty service. ePS technicians eliminate the need for the client to focus its internal resources on cart tasks, by acting as the client's liaison in warranty matters. Another benefit of on-site technicians is the ability to conduct regular cart walk-throughs, fixing problems as they occur and avoiding the need for the end user to open a help desk ticket relating to cart issues. By ensuring carts are in proper working order and responding promptly to customer concerns, on-site technicians increase customer satisfaction.

9Procurement Services and Asset Disposal
From the beginning of a cart's lifecycle to the end, ePS can manage cart inventory changes on behalf of the client. ePS sales engineers can assess and environment and place equipment orders, offering a complete procurement package. ePS can also handle the time-consuming and costly task of removing carts from service and disposing of them once they reach the end of their lifecycles.

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